Financial & Economic Seminar Areas from 1 to 4 day(s)

Course Finance (FP-01 thru FP-04)
Description A comprehensive, one or four-day seminar designed to expand the financial professional's knowledge of cash management techniques, budgeting and forecasting and financial analysis.

  Key Topics Covered

Cash Management

·Managing the cash-flow time line.

·Operating a collection system.

·Managing a disbursement system.

·The intricacies of a cash-concentration system.

·Short-term cash forecasting.

·Managing a bank relationship.

Budgeting and Forecasting

·Budgeting and forecasting fundamentals.

·Financial concepts for budgeting and forecasting.

·Using spreadsheets for planning and budgeting analysis.

Cost of Money (How to Read the Wall Street Journal for understanding the pressures on this Cost)

·How to read Wall Street Journal or Financial Times five minutes a day to understanding the Cost of Money pressures.

·How to read Economic Indicators to aid us in projecting fluctuations in the cost of money which can be of enormous benefit in developing our financial growth strategies tools.

·Generate a general understanding of how monetary policy, fiscal policy, raw resources, balance of payments, productivity, and Treasury Department policies affect the economy.

·Answer the following question as you read either Wall Street Journal or Financial Times five minutes a day:

o What are economic indicators?
o Why follow economic indicators?
o Where do you find economic indicators?
o How do you read Economic Indicators the KISS way?

Financial Analysis

·Financial decision-making and the techniques used in financial analysis.

·Concepts of modeling.

·Financial statement analysis.

·Analyzing current asset management.

·Evaluating capital investment proposals.

·Mergers and acquisitions.