F. J. "Scarp" Scarpinato | Senior Partner |

News Release from Cambridge Who’s Who-

    Rockville, MD, May 30, 2013, F. J. Scarpinato, Senior Partner, World Focused Consulting Services (WFCS), Adjunct Professor for Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Associate Professor at the University of Maryland at College Park, has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of financial consulting, operation consulting and higher education.

    With more than 30 years of professional experience around the world; Currently Mr. Scarpinato specializes in financial & operational business consulting; along with lecturing on finance, accounting and economics. He is considered an expert in bringing people together in an efficient and cost-effective way that increases earning per share one cent at a time. Also along with his consulting he conducts lectures on his book in finance and economics by fine-tuning along with relating how to us the financial tools and the cost of money to increase the corporate environments’ earning per share. Mr. Scarpinato has worked in management, executive management, finance, information technical (IT), marketing, human resources. In these positions he has held several executive positions in these industries, including as a member on board of businesses as a director(s), chief financial officer, director of strategic project, director of auditors in the United States Marine Corps Inspected General Office, pricing director, controller and finance director. He has been lecturing part-time for the University Of Maryland University College for over twenty –five years in accounting, economics and finance. During this tenure he has been nominated for the University of Maryland Excellence in Teaching Award over thirty times.

    Mr. Scarpinato received an MSA from Pepperdine University in 1978. An effective communicator and negotiator, he published a book entitled “Understanding the Basic Elements of Financial Tools for Growth Strategies” and developed and defended recommendation before groups, including boards of directors, chief executive officer, and corporate executives. He is proud to motivate individuals to achieve their goals by providing leadership by example, resolving conflict, building coalitions, and developing and enhancing alliances with external groups. Mr. Scarpinato previously served in the U. S. Marine Corps, joined as Private and at the end of his service left as an Office. He was wounded twice in three combat tours. Honored with a Bronze Star and Award two Purple Hearts, he attributes his success to his upbringing and to the discipline he gained with the Marine Corps. His plans for the future are continuing to consult, teach and lecture on his book.


James Fussell | Senior Partner |

General Manger (GM) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over twelve years experience in public and international accounting along with auditing; and who also has twenty-two years additional experience working in the construction and food industries with GM and P & L responsibilities. Along with responsibilities as comptroller, management of production, employeeÂ’s relations, insurance regulations, safety, and OSHA issues, with leadership skills developed in the Marine Corps.


Mary Harmon | Associate |

Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource and Computer Studies, Master’s degree in Business Administration, and currently in a doctoral program in the University of Maryland System. Has over 15 plus of experience in Finance, Administration, and Human Resource, including over five years in senior level finance positions and 3 years of senior level line operations experience in logistics and supply. Primary areas of expertise include: financial analysis, financial planning, project management, resource planning, and contracts.


Mark J. Scarpinato | CIO/Partner |

Consult on designing, remodeling and maintaining of websites and related database management. Provide technical support as webmaster and admin on current operating websites. Also freelance as a webpage designer, programmer, provided customer service, advice and support regarding needed repairs and its impact, such as data recoverability, and support in installing drivers and peripherals to include multimedia accessories, scanners, cameras and digital video cameras.