What can WFCS do for you?

       Financial analysis and budget development in line with your business competitors both your trends and industry averages. A ratio can assist you in setting goals to create growth and survive in your industry. This can be accomplished through trend and comparative analysis. Trend analysis analyzes your business' financial ratios from year to year. This provides you with information regarding the growth or decline of your business' financial situation. Then, to see where you stand in your industry you use comparative analysis. Using your budgets you can generate and compare your projected ratios against projected industry norms to see how you will measure up in the future. While trend and comparative analysis are useful tools they are not the entire answer. Always keep in mind that other factors such as the state of the economy, the state of the industry and local demographics, should be considered when analyzing any business.

    Advice on operating challenges in your existing business. Creation and/or review of business plan and strategies relating to capital budget process. The Cost of Capital represents the rate of return that the company should earn on its investments in order to meet the required rate of return of the firm's investors. The firm's optimal financial structure (Debt, Preferred Stock and Common Equity) is determined by finding the capital structure that minimizes the firm's cost of capital. Also, the Cost of Capital should be the standard against which all prospective investment decisions are compared. In addition, the manager should know the Weighted Cost of Capital of the business and use a rate equal to or greater than this rate, adjusted for risk, (Present Value Discount Factor) to value capital decisions.

    Capital Decisions. This is a necessary step to ensure those items placed into the capital budget will meet or enhance the profit goals of the company.

    Capital Decision Making should be a systematic process of evaluating capital expenditures. In order to maximize the value of the firm, the firm's return on capital expenditures should meet or exceed its cost of capital. Determining the cost of capital is addressed in the Cost of Capital section. For an item to be placed on the capital budget, it should pass the following four-step evaluation.

    Technology Review of finance system. To purpose and components of Internal Control process and how to develop an Internal Control System, implementing extremely daunting and the timelines, checklists and reporting and documentation which gives a solid foundation to benchmark. Work with IT personnel to understand the need to maintain, store, retain and destroy relevant business records as needed.

    Advice on how daily purchases of the businesses can bring money into the business. Assist in understanding how to generate income for the company’s bottom line by using the company’s purchasing power.

    Guidance’s in starting a new business area and how to establish its goals and objectives. By Assisting in guiding leadership ideas specializes in utilizing information technology evolvement (hardware, software and network solutions) to benefit operations and increase productivity. Services include: understanding how to generate income for the company’s bottom line by using the company’s purchasing power.